Wizard W800


100 watt - 5095.00 USD

50 watt - 4695.00 USD

    The tonal signature of the WIZARD W800 is reminiscent of the vintage eighties British tube amps of the "Hair Band" era.

    Twin input, single channel with a simple post tone Master volume.

    Hi input for maximum gain and Lo input for clean and vintage 60's work.

    3 position mini toggle for added vintage US or UK tone shaping

    This amp is very pedal friendly and a great base for overdrive and distortion pedals.

    The added Effect Loop is Foot-Switchable and ideal for modulation effects and pedals.

    Volume, Master Volume,, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, and Contour controls.
    4-8-16 ohm impedance

    E34L powered 50, and 100 watt models

    Black or Gold graphics

    Dimensions: 27" Wide - 10.5" High - 9" Deep

    Weight: 44 Pounds / 50 watt or 56 Pounds / 100 watt